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 The Easy UTP™ model C4L6400-TWP-P Ethernet over UTP extender is the new generation device for installation
IP camera and IP device. It provides full-duplex high speed Ethernet data signal over UTP cable. It extends data signal 10/100 Base T up to 1,640 feet (500m). Its hardware and software resources are supplied by Easy UTP™’s robust and unique Ethernet extension technology. Easy UTP™ technology provides robust immunity against UTP cable noise and automatically negotiation data throughput. C4L6400-TWP-P provides multiple IP cameras or IP devices installation over UTP cables via UTP splitter.
It is extremely cost saving solution for IP camera installation. Because other brand’s Ethernet over UTP extenders support just 1:1 connection. (It means installation structure for UTP cable per one master and one slave.) C4L6400-TWP-P Ethernet over UTP extenders support 1:4 or more connections using UTP splitters. (It means C4L6400-TWP-P needs just one UTP cable per one master and multiple slaves.) C4L6400-TWP-P provides Plug & Play configuration, No IP address and network setup required for installation.
It support IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant PoE for IP camera power supply. Its LED indicator provides Power, Link and Data traffic status. It is compact size extender for easy installation in camera housing.

- Using legacy UTP cables or UTP cables for installation IP camera, IP Intercom, VOIP and IP devices
- One master extender can support up to four slave extender using UTP splitter
- Extremely cost saving and time for IP camera, IP Intercom, VOIP and IP device installation using legacy UTP cables and
  distributing  UTP cables via UTP splitter for Multipoint installation
- Long range Ethernet data extension over UTP - Max. 1,640 feet (500 m)
- High data rate - Up to four Mega-pixel cameras or multiple IP cameras
- IEEE 802.3 af/at Compliant PoE for IP camera power supply
- Easy configuration and No IP address and network setup required
- Limited lifetime warranty - OEM/ODM Reference for MTBF Certification
- LED indicator for installation - Power, Link and Data traffic status
- Compact size extender - fits inside most camera housings