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 The Easy Coax™‚ model C4L6400-EoC-P Ethernet over Coax extender is the new generation device for installation IP camera and IP device. It provides full-duplex high speed Ethernet data signal over coax cable.
It extends data signal 10/100 Base T up to 5,000 feet (1,500m). Its hardware and software resources are supplied by Easy Coax™’s robust and unique Ethernet extension technology. Easy Coax™‚ technology provides robust immunity against coax cable noise and automatically negotiation data throughput. C4L6400-EoC-P provides multiple IP cameras or IP devices installation over coax cables via T splitter.
It is extremely cost saving solution for IP camera installation. Because other brand’s Ethernet over Coax extenders support just 1:1 connection. (It means installation structure for coax cable per one master and one slave.) C4L6400-EoC-P Ethernet over Coax extenders support 1:4 or more connections using T splitters.
(It means C4L6400-EoC-P needs just one coax cable per one master and multiple slaves.)C4L6400-EoC-P provides Plug & Play configuration, No IP address and network setup required for installation.
It support IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant PoE for IP camera power supply. Its LED indicator provides Power, Link and Data traffic status. It is compact size extender for easy installation in camera housing.

- Using legacy analog CCTV coax cables for installation IP camera, IP Intercom, VOIP and IP devices
- One master extender can support up to four slave extender using BNC T splitter
- Extremely cost saving and time for IP camera, IP Intercom, VOIP and IP device installation using legacy CCTV coax
  cables and distributing coax cables via T splitter for Multipoint installation
- Long range Ethernet data extension over Coax Max. 5,000 feet (1,500 m)
- High data rate - Up to four Mega-pixel cameras or multiple IP cameras
- IEEE 802.3 af/at Compliant PoE for IP camera power supply
- Easy configuration and No IP address and network setup required
- Limited lifetime warranty - OEM/ODM Reference for MTBF Certification
- LED indicator for installation - Power, Link and Data traffic status
- Compact size extender - fits inside most camera housings