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Product Description
The C4L6400-B2W is used by C4Line’s IP Extenders to convert from BNC to 2 Wire.
The C4L6400-B2W may be used along a wire run whenever conversion between coax and 2Wire cable is required.
The C4L6400-B2W support wire diameters as large as 16 AWG .051” (1.3mm) and can be used in applications such as: 2:1 fan-out, Daisy-chaining, or 4 Pair wire connectivity.
Screws of the C4L6400-B2W should be torqued to 2 in-lbs (0.2 Nm). The C4L6400-B2W is not intended for use with analog video transmission.
Product weight: 0.028 lbs (12.5 g)